2016 06 12 Blind Surfer Scott Leason Wins Sight Impaired Division at US Surfing Championships

Oceanside, CA – June 12, 2016  In an amazing display of courage and fortitude with waves at times reaching six feet, blind athlete Scott Leason (60) captured the first-ever National Surfing Title for a sight-impaired surfer.  The 2016 US Surfing Championships took place at North Jetty Beach in Oceanside Harbor.  This achievement earned Leason a spot on the US Team for the upcoming International Surfing Association World Adaptive Games to be held somewhere in San Diego this fall.  Without physical assistance and on verbal cues alone from longtime friend, Coach Pat Weber of the San Diego Surfing Academy, Leason is able to paddle for waves of consequence and ride an impressively long time with style on his feet and close to the curl.  Leason first surfed when he was ten years old in Corona Del Mar, California.  Twenty-two years ago while working as a clerk in a convenience store in La Quinta, California, he was shot in the head with a 9mm bullet by gangbangers who had robbed the store and were making their exit.  To follow Leason’s extraordinary journey, check out his facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/neverloosesight/

2016 US Surfing Championship photos by: Coach Pat Weber of the San Diego Surfing Academy