2018 Spring: Day One – Get Your Surf On Special!

Aloha Day One Surfers!  So you’ve been wanting to paddle out and give surfing a go because it looks like sooo much fun (it is!) but you have no clue how to get started?  You’re hoping not to get in the way a more experienced surfers (you will) and, God forbid, you get run over!  Physical injury and property damage is a bummer, man!  What if it was avoidable?

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Enter your own personal surf guru, Coach Pat Weber of the San Diego Surfing Academy since 1995!  Get started now and you will be shredding from the peak by Independence Day ’18.  Not really, but it sounds good!  At least you will know what that means!

Learn to Surf packages start at $300 and entitle you to three introductory surfing lessons that will have you safely grounded in the fundamentals of the Sport of Kings as you frolic with bottle-nosed dolphins!  Free loaner wetsuits and surfboards provided and you won’t need special shoes to learn a new sport!


By the way, this makes a great gift for Dads and Grads, Moms and Groms and whomever else you want to stoke out!

Call or text Coach Pat at 760.230.1474 or email surfingacademy@gmail and get your surf on tomorrow!