Presenting Scott Leason, Gold Medal Blind Surfer, All-Universe Waterman!

2013 09 15 San Diego Surfing Academy IMG_0751

By any measure this, is a pretty respectable shot of a fifty-seven year old man dropping into a well-formed sand bar wave at Ponto Beach in Carlsbad, California. Good style: check! Nice trim: check! Everything in control: check! What’s missing? This gentleman no longer possesses his God given eyeballs! Presenting my biggest coaching pleasure and my personal hero, Mr. Scott Leason of the San Diego Center for the Blind! It needs to be noted that Scott can do this without motor assistance. Q:  How is this possible?  A:  Scott’s surfing experience prior to a tragic criminal act against him, his muscle memory, and his current conditioning owing to a successful waterskiing career all allow him to paddle into bombs and snap to his feet using only verbal cues! Warning: he’ll get grumpy if you attempt to lend a hand! I love this guy! Photo: Lori Hoffman, SDSA Staff Photog